Hapro Luxura X5, 34 SLi


Luxura X5 with its pioneering design is your entry to premium tanning in this product segment. It already comes standard with a wide range of features and can be boosted to a high-class product just by adding extra features.

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Additional information

Additional information
Tubes top 18 x 100WPower 6 kW
Tubes base 16 x 120WPower (with Climax) 7,3 kW
Face tanner 3 x 400WWeight 365 kg
Fuses 3 x 16 AWeight (with Climax) 415 kg
Fuses (with Climax) 3 x 16 ACentral air exhaust capacity 2000 m3
Connection 400V/3N-/PE/50Hz 
Brand Hapro


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