Ionto Mesosono


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STEP 1: IONTO-MESO Methods. Ultra-fine MESO injections punch micro openings into the epidermis. Your natural protective function remains intact. The MESO injections move fully automatically back and forth, similar to a stamp. Thus, the epidermis is penetrated precisely and evenly. Completely pain-free, gentle and smooth. Concentrated active substances, even on a macromolecular basis, penetrates directly and evenly. The skin is therefore not just optimally cared for, it also regenerates itself from the inside out.
STEP 2: ULTRASOUND by IONTO. IONTO-COMED’s ultrasound treatment works in three ways: Heat treatment, micro massage and penetrating phonphoresis in one. Connective tissue is tightened, the skin cells capacity for absorbing active substances is increased many times over and micro circulation is increased. For a visibly effective treatment.

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Additional information

Additional information

Electrical connection: 230 V ~ / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: H / W / D 34cm x 14 cm x 22,5 cm
Weight: 3,7 kg

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