Pedo Sprint 50 Silentpower


The main focus of the Pedo Sprint 50 SP with a maximum micromotor speed of 25,000 rpm is the high torque. Especially in the low speed range, the device is characterized by a particularly strong pulling force. For this reason, it is also ideally suited for the use of larger instruments, such as a cap grinder. FEATURES: · Compact, easy to clean housing with disinfectable surfaces · Micromotor handpiece with flexible suction hose and dust cover · Proven centrifugal force for fast milling change · Operation via keypad to control suction power and milling speed · Display for digital speed display · Right / left rotation · Display of dust bag change · Handpiece holder on the side · Wired foot switch (optional)

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Additional information

Additional information

Control unit:
· Electrical connection: 220-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
· Suction capacity max .: 180 l / min
· Noise level: 60 db (A) at 100% and 53 db (A) at 20% suction power
· Dimensions: B 250 x H 140 x D 185 mm (including handpiece holder)
· Weight: 3 kg
Micromotor handpiece:
· Speed: 6.000 - 25.000 rpm
· Dimensions: Ø 23.5 x L 134 mm
· Weight: 119 g, with hose connection 340 g

Brand Ionto


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