Revlon Professional ProYou Combo 3 = 1


Revlon Professional ProYou combo for the price of one.



1x Revlon Professional ProYou Purifying Shampoo

Detoxifying balancing shampoo that helps to reduce excess scalp sebum and leave the hair clean, light and easy to style. Detoxifying and balancing shampoo that purifies and fortifies the scalp thanks to its natural sage and rosemary extracts. Particularly effective in hair that tends to be greasy. It forms a film around the hair that prevents the build-up of oil, leaving the hair supple, light and shiny.

1x Revlon Professional ProYou Color Shampoo

A revitalizing shampoo for all types of colored or lightened hair. Formulated with flavanoid-rich ingredients to provide a barrier against color loss and restore the hair’s original beauty.

1x Revlon Professional ProYou Repair Shampoo

This range has been formulated with ingredients that help to repair and protect the hair fiber against external aggressions, leaving the hair shiny, supple and manageable. Shampoo is rich in hydrolyzed keratin which is ideal for damaged, fragile and weak hair.



Ingredients can be found on individual product pages.


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