“The 2018 Esquire Grooming Awards”

As a great gift for the Christmas, Kivilaine brands (American Crew and COOLA) have been awarded the “THE 2018 ESQUIRE GROOMING AWARDS” competition! The right skin and hair care treatments are a vital part of our client’s everyday life. However, finding a product that’s so competitive with many competing products on the market can be a real challenge for the customer. That is why the competition named “THE ESQUIRE GROOMING AWARDS” shares very honorable recognition only for selected facial, hair, body, tooth and beard care products.  Read more >>

Kivilaine OÜ is pleased to present recognized branded products in this competition:

American Crew Fiber Cream
🏆The Best New Finishing Product in 2018!





COOLA Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 Unscented
🏆The best scrub-free (spray) sunscreen product that fits perfectly for active beach holiday!