Professional partners in the world of beauty services

We have more than a quarter century of experience in the world of beauty services and we have a personal relationship with our customers. Make our experiences work for you starting from the creation of your salon, and ending with the selection of the interior furnishings and products. We educate ourselves at training sessions and keep up with the newest trends in the beauty world. Focus on what you are good at and let us take care of everything else: starting from securing the financing for your dreams, and ending with the daily maintenance.


Our experience dates back to 1991

We have long-term experience related to the workings and practical needs of well-functioning beauty salons. We have helped establish many independent beauty salons as well as several salon chains. We have developed relationships with interior designers and construction companies. Regardless of the premises that are available, we can always offer the optimal interior design solution – starting from the draft project to its execution. Regardless of whether we are talking about updating an existing salon or establishing a totally new one, we will help find the solution to all your dreams.


Focus on what you know, let us take care of everything else

We believe that good customer service includes providing financing solutions. Companies are effective when they focus on what they know best. With the help of our cooperation partner, InBank Liising, you can find flexible financing for your dreams, which will be realised through monthly payments. And knowing that the financing solutions for your assets are being taken carer of by professionals in their field will leave you time to focus on your main activity. All your plans don’t need to be worked out to the smallest detail, we will gladly help you with business planning and finding the right direction. We will gladly contribute the experience that we have gathered since 1991 and, in addition to the right form, will also help you find the right content.


Everything lasts longer when it’s properly maintained

There is nothing coincidental in this world. When it comes to equipment and furnishings, your peace of mind, ease of communication and sense of security is ensured when you know that the importer is taking care of everything involving warranties and maintenance. Our specialists are regularly trained by the manufacturers and the maintenance team learns lots of practical tips during the workshops that take place at international training sessions. We guarantee the best maintenance and a long service life for all the equipment and furnishings. In addition, we also provide normal maintenance for most of the equipment that is not purchased from us.


Always be aware of future trends and the materials you should you

Since we import the world’s top brands, we have access to the latest information when organising training sessions. We are always one step ahead of the present day and are introducing the trends that are just getting started. We will make your employees into top specialists who know how to use the most innovative techniques and materials, and naturally also introduce them to the tricks of the trade, thereby ensuring the ideal result and client satisfaction. In addition to the training, we also import international stars and take our customers abroad for training.

E-shop for professionals

Register a business account and order products for yourself and your customers conveniently from the e-shop. Provides an opportunity to store less goods in the salon and offer customers the entire assortment!

The basis for a successful business is trustworthy partnership

Thank you for your help and business-like partnership, which has helped our success and our company’s development.

Olga Valner | Sunplanet

The key to success is hidden in training and knowledge of global trends

A very pleasant cooperation partner, who is always ready to support our hairdressers as well as hairdressing students.

Kertti Viru | Eesti Juuksurite Ühendus

The excellente product recommendations

As a professional, I can say that, during my long career, I’ve never used a better curly hair product than ISO. I can be sure that that curls will be perfect when I use this product, and I’m thankful to Kivilaine for the excellent recommendation.

Marika Liik | Võlumaa Ilusalong