The secret of a beautiful and lasting complexion

We know that before you start tanning, your skin should be peeled and that the tanning should always be moderate. But once this beautiful and even complexion has already been achieved, how can it be maintained and maintained to last long? The key to maintaining and maintaining a beautiful complexion is to maintain the body’s water balance, to regularly moisturize the skin with high-quality sunscreen skin care products.

Good to know!
Melanin or pigment in the skin usually moves to the skin surface during 28 days. Continuous and adequate supplementation of the skin is important for keeping the tan longer. The skin cell with more moisturizing is stronger and more dense in composition and there will stay skin pigment for about 2 weeks longer! So, the only solution for keeping your own beautiful tanning is skin moisture!
It is known that water accounts for about two-thirds (60-70%) of our body weight. Most of the chemical reactions in our cells need water to be done. Water is needed to transport nutrients and oxygen to all body cells. It helps to convert food into energy and nutrients. Water keeps the body temperature stable and protects vital organs, participates in the preservation of body forms and is important for skin health. Water helps the body to get rid of residual materials – sweat and urine leave many of the body’s residues, water (tears, saliva) boils down and dilutes irritants. Water is also helpful in breathing. But how is it important when talking about tanning cosmetics?

All Australian Gold’s sun and sunscreen products are based on the skin’s needs and natural composition – to maintain and maintain the necessary moisture balance.
For example, when sunbathing, our skin may, as a matter of fact, disappear from the grape because of the loss of water – sunscreen products, however, restore the moisture level required by the body. The sunscreen also contains protective particles against redness and burn. Antioxidants, on the other hand, help the body to remove residues from sunbathing. So, we recommend that you always take the time to buy the cream and read through the product information – a thoughtful and proven product package is very important for the wellbeing of your skin!

In addition to moisturizing the skin, it is also possible to extend the complexion with tanning and moisturizing skin care products.
Australian Goldi Moisture Lock is an Ideal for summer holidays! Sunburning cream is sulphate-free (which would otherwise break your pigment and bladder). Australian Gold Hemp Nation creams, however, are based on cannabis oil, which keeps the skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. We also recommend using a special shower gel after sunbathing, which has a softer composition and a browning effect on the pigment. For example, try the Hemp Nation’s Hibiscus and Peach Body Cream and Shower Gel as the favorite of the Boudoir.

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