How are the suncare cosmetics’ brands going to surprise us in 2019?

For Australian Gold the year of 2019 can be summarized with bringing back “the old favourites” and expanding skincare lines that are already valued amongst clients. Also we have finally gotten our hands on the long-awaited and highly asked for Hydrate by G Gentlemen. A body lotion for men with qualities which make a tan long-lasting!

Swedish Beauty with their leading Pollution Protection™ will bring in many innovative products in the new year. This skincare line consists of 5 extremely important E-vitamin full antioxidants. Antioxidants give the skin a protective layer from toxins and environmental impacts. They also have a hypoallergenic effect. Also Swedish Beauty has found a solution for people who can’t seem to find a suitable product with the right tingle intensity- Tingle Drops! With this product you can add drops with a flushing effect to your own product and create the right level of intensity.

California Tan surprises sun-lovers with Axis line which showcases bodycare at it’s best and even tops some luxury brands! Moisture Elixir™ which is included in this skincare line creates a barrier on skin’s cell membrane whilst locking in moisture and reducing the amount of thin mimic lines and wrinkles. Eternal Essence™ however is a combination of ingredients which help increse procollagen synthesis in your body. Black truffle extract also works wonders with giving skin important minerals.

Bring on the new year with not just new momentum and products but more productivity and openness in the name of good collaborations!

Humans are designed to want and need change- in all areas and everywhere! Be creative! There’s more ways to earn clients’ attention than just new products. Re-design the displays in the store, buy a new plant or a comfortable armchair, add color to the salon with pillows, curtains or even painting the walls in a new way.

Just like always i’m always here for you!
Use me as much as possible to fulfill your wishes and set new goals. I’m always open for innovations, ideas or challenges!

Birgit Puusepp
Suncare Product Manager