The safe caress of the sun or the ABCs of sun protection

The sun is a natural bomb of antibiotics and energy – therefore, it’s especially beneficial after the long dismally dark winter. In order to enjoy the caress of the sun in a healthy and safe way, you should use sunscreen lotion. And, here’s a short summary of how to use products with various SPF-ratings.

1. Apply the sunscreens or products with SPF-rating about 20 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun. During this time, the lotion will be absorbed by the skin and the protection against UV-rays is maximised. Reapply the lotion every hour, or after swimming, intensive perspiring or participation in sports.

2. Select different sunscreen products for your face and body. The skin on your face, shoulders and chest is more sensitive and tends to get sunburned faster. Therefore, sensitive areas should be protected with a lotion with a higher SPF-rating that one used on the rest of the body. Australian Gold’s small and effective helper Face Guard SPF 50 is ideal.

3. Those with fair skin, and skin that attracts freckles, should definitely protect themselves from the sun every day. Sunscreen lotion is also very important for people who are allergic to the sun, suffer from pigmentation disorders or other conditions that are aggravated by the sun. The more sensitive the skin, the higher the SPF-rating that is needed. When sunbathing in Estonia, the skin should be protected with sunscreen with at least a SPF 30 rating.

4. It pays to be generous when applying sunscreen. About three tablespoonfuls are needed to cover the entire body. Australian Gold Premium Coverage SPF 20 Lotion moisturises and nurtures the skin and due to its InvisiDry technology is absorbed quickly and thoroughly.

5. After swimming apply the lotion to your skin, even it the product is labelled as being waterproof.

6. Remember, UVA-rays can affect your skin even in the shade, through a window or when it’s cloudy. If you are wearing thin summer clothes it still pays to protect the skin underneath with sunscreen – the rays of the sun can penetrate thin fabric.

7. Sunscreen sprays can be a convenient alternative to sunscreen lotions and they are very easy to apply, but you should make sure that you apply the spray evenly. And the same rule applies as for lotion – don’t skimp on the sunscreen. For instance, if you use the natural and pure sunscreen sprays (SPF 30) in the Australian Gold Botanical line, you will quickly receive immediate protection against UVA- and UVB-rays, since it is easy to apply the spray and it is absorbed quickly, without leaving a residue.

8. After opening the sunscreen lotion, it will last for another 18 months. Therefore, before each summer season invest in new sunscreen. You should avoid leaving the sunscreen in the sun or in a hot car. At home, keep the sunscreen at room temperature and in the shade.