Hemp Nation ensures a summer tan in the autumn as well!

When the autumn winds and rains arrive, our energy level and mood tend to decline. Our physique tires and our summer tan fades. Before the dark period arrives, we recommend that you continue taking vitamin D sunbaths! D Päike, Päike and Päikesekiir salons operate on an autumn schedule and regular pre-tanning and post-tanning skincare are on special offer in September.

In order to preserve your beautiful summer complexion in the autumn, we recommend you exfoliate your skin with professional, skin-friendly Hemp Nation® Fruit & Sugar Scrub. It is a paraben-free product based on hemp seed oil that contains only gentle, sugar and fruit exfoliants.

You could also replace your ordinary body milk with Hemp Nation® Body Lotion. These lotions not only deeply moisturise your skin, but regular daily use will help your tan last up to 60% longer.

* When purchasing Hemp Nation® products in September, get a free gift of Hemp Nation® Fruit & Sugar Scrub
* Hemp Nation® Vanilla Pineapple, Tropical Colada ja Pomaberry kreemid septembris vaid 23.90 €

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