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The AQUAsonic spatula transmits low frequency ultrasound waves onto the skin’s surface with the AQUApeel function Similar to the disinfection process in an ultrasonic bath, the AQUApeel completely removes excess particles with its targeted vibrations.
The treatment’s effect on the skin: In combination with the AQUApeel lotion, make up residue, cornification, dead cells, scabs and residue from silicon-based care products are gently and inimitably thoroughly removed. The deep peel with low frequency ultrasound is esteemed due to its diverse effects, even in medicine. This treatment not only peels, it has also proven to increase the skin’s tissue repair without damaging it.
Deep penetration and repair: SONICrepair. Deep penetration and anti-ageing: SONICrevital. The AQUAsonic hand piece moves evenly over the skin with the SONICrepair and SONICrevital treatments. That’s how the low frequency ultrasound waves are transmitted over a full surface in the depths of the skin.
The effect: The so-called ‘mass detection’ of particles is significantly higher with low frequency ultrasound than it is with conventional high frequency ultrasound equipment (1 and 3 MHz). This means that the mechanical effects and penetration of active substances is very strongly pronounced.

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Additional information

Additional information

Electrical connection: 230 or 110 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions W / H / D (cm): 17,4 / 6,65 / 19,0
Weight: 1.07 kg

Brand Ionto


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