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With this remarkable tonic, you can easily make the appearance and condition of your skin more beautiful / younger.

Plant cells and soy proteins in the product increase the skin´s ability to breathe, retain energy and increase the efficiency of metabolic processes.

Glycolic acid, with a dose of 10% – the highest allowable dose in a final product – with a low enough pH to maintain the best results, makes the product a home peeler with the best results.


  • Gives a noticeable exfoliating effect.
  • Narrows pores, clears complexion, smoothes fine lines and reduces acne scars.
  • Gives energy and revitalizes the skin.
  • Accelerates / enhances the effect of all Age Intelligence products, as well as other skin care products.
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Additional information



Additional Info

Apply the product to the face and neck, whether you use a cotton pad or apply the product to the skin using the palms of your hands.

For night care only, after your daily skin cleansing and before serum and / or cream. Leave on skin overnight, do not rinse.

To increase skin tolerance, start using the product every other night (over the day), then after 1-2 weeks, use the product daily. In case of sensitivity, start using the product again not on a daily basis, but according to the skin´s tolerance / need.

This product contains a highly potent glycolic acid and should therefore not be used by people who are sensitive to AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) acids or who have a history of intolerance to acid peeling products.

  • Do not use the product on open wounds, inflammation, acne or rosacea areas.

The use of sunscreens (with SPF) in the morning is strongly recommended, as AHA acids may increase the risk of sunburn if the skin is not adequately protected from the harmful effects of UV rays.


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