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A well-known star-active ingredient that fights wrinkles and uneven complexion.

In our booster, we combine different forms of new generation retinoids – not just pure retinol. It has been shown that regular use of lower concentrations of pure retinol gives better results than high concentrations of retinol in a short period of time, higher than 0.5% retinol can cause too much irritation and / or reactivity to other similar active ingredients.

The composition of our booster with encapsulated retinol cannot be compared to conventional retinoic acid because we have combined molecules of different retinoids that improve the effect of encapsulated retinol and the skin´s tolerance to it.

The content of pure retinol in the product is 0.4%.


  • Smoothes and smoothes the skin structure.
  • Reduces pores and fine lines.
  • Reduces signs of photoaging due to superficial exfoliating effect.
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Brand Swissline
Additional Info

Youth Booster should only be used in the evening, mixed with Recovery Serum in the palm of your hand for best results, or with your daily cream to intensify its effects.

For an even more intense result, apply a few drops of the booster directly to the skin before Recovery Serum or cream, allowing the booster to be completely absorbed into the skin (only if Retinol / Vitamin A products have been used prior).

The use of SPF-protected products during the day is essential.

Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a specialist / physician.


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